Episode #28: “The Weekend of Tuxas & A Graduation Speech”

Hashtags for this episode: #grownTheShown (#hisNameIsPatrick) #P2P #Pen2Pal (#LB) #JGM

The guys say that people need to grow the show more so that people know how good the theme song is; at the first live show they declare that they are going to sing it 3 times along with the audience. “What are you doing if you’re not groaning the shown-ing?” They get a #growTheShow review from a paller who follows up on her letter saying that she went #f2f with her mom. Rory then encourages a listener to buy http://www.DanielVanielKaniel.com and make it the most serial-killer-esque shrine to Daniel, and DVK just wants it to re-direct to his official site. The first letter comes from a return paller who said that they have access to a Mardi Gras parade in Galveston, Texas. The writer says that it is hosted by a “local billionaire” and “expectations are high that the musical guest will be great. They decide that if they go to the Mardi Gras parade that they are going to rent tuxes and not take them off all weekend, hence “The Weekend of Tuxas.” They keep referring to the local billionaire as “LB” but never make it a hashtag, and they spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out who the musical guest is going to be (Don Henly? Cardi B? Neil Diamond?) They also request a karaoke machine on their float. They want Dave Jacoby to send DVK a pleasantry, like the app idea mentioned in the 10/24/2018 episode. They do want to be called Junior Grand Marshals, JGMs, and hope that Michael Keaton is there, which is a reference tracing all the way back to episode 2 from 7/18/2018. After the break they continue to wonder if they are wandering into the plot of an 80s movie where Dave doesn’t actually have access to a parade, but now has to figure out how to make his promise to Rory and DVK come to fruition, and they wonder if Dave Jacoby is actually Preston/King Ponters. Finally, they request that a listener makes them each JGM sashes. The second letter finds the guys giving public speaking advice to a graduate. DVK manages to get in a Back to the Future reference, which sends Rory into an aside about the movie. Rory says “Who you are today is not measured by your success of today, but by who you want to be tomorrow.” They finish up by betting when the graduation ceremony is going to be. DVK says May 20, and Rory says May 25.

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