Episode #32: “Mystery in Manhattan & Dumb Things”

Hashtags for this episode: #Vicint #BeAtACabin #BeatACabin #ICanFlyNow #GoHandy

More talking about, and hyping up the upcoming live Pen Pals in Houston. Cheap flights are available. They invite pallers to write in with some ideas about what should happen during the live show. They tease that it might be the first and the last live podcast, but that it is #subjecttochange. DVK switches it up and goes 20/80, and he makes a good JFK “back and to the left” reference. Rory and DVK get confused about what is happening with the letter (because the writer left out a little critical information about where certain events in the story happened). They declare that it is the first unsolved, to be continued, letter. They want to continue discussing this letter in Houston at the live podcast. They encourage pallers to write about what they think is going on. Rory tells a “small world” story about one time when he used Air bnb in Burlington, Vermont, and DVK wonders if it was for a Phish show. Between the two letters DVK wonders if people who listen to the show would rather be called “pennies” or “pallers.” All listeners have to pick one. If you listen to all the episodes then you are a “paller,” but if you haven’t listened to all the episodes yet then you are a “penny.” Rory once again wants people to get them in touch with Michael Keaton, though he accidentally says Michael Douglas. They’ll take either. Rory goes on a rant about trolls on the internet when asking pallers to not be dicks while they try to let Michael Keaton know about the podcast. He talks about the difference between offensive jokes and just being straight up being offensive. DVK remembers the woman who wrote the 2nd letter, who includes a picture of herself with him and the Sklar brothers photoshopping Rory’s face on the Sklar brothers bodies. DVK recalls that the picture was taken in the vicinity of the Pet-a-llama Comedy festival, and Rory comes up with the hashtag #vicint (short for vicinity). Then Rory comes up with #BeAtACabin, which he then realizes will just look like “Beat A Cabin,” so they create that hashtag too. DVK mentions Zuul again (first time in a while). They talk about dumb stuff they have done. DVK tried to walk through a ditch instead of taking a bridge to cross the street, and Rory fails to call his parents to let them know he was going to be coming home late because of having to stay for detention.

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