Episode #27: “Cannibal Questions & The Hydration Challenge”

Hashtags for this episode: #hisNameIsPatrick #f2theYes (#FFC) #thatMeal

It sounds like Rory is cumming during the theme song, he keeps saying “fuck!.” At the top they discus which holiday is better for really starting over: new years, or a birthday. Both their birthdays are in August. Rory talks about eating an apple, 3 dates and an avocado every morning. DVK makes a joke about the dates, “with who?” DVK is the only person doing dad jokes with no children (that he knows of). Rory does some more foley work with a creaking treasure chest where they are keeping the show reviews. Rory just realizes that they are asking people to join two cults. Rory asks Patrick from the Winter Sounds to write a metal, Cannibal Corpse version of the theme song: “If you wanna be my friend, you’d better join this fucking cult!” The guys do a #saga chant. Sticky Twiddle Bits writes a review that the guys want to use as their bio for their upcoming live tour. They run some gassers to to pile of letters again. They talk about having a podcast festival where they are the only podcast. It will be 3 days, but only one episode of this one podcast, and guests will have to answer incredibly difficult questions in order to get in. Rory says “it will be like getting into the Marines.” The first letter talks about a parent reading a dictionary to their child, where they only get to aardvark. The letter includes a script and the guys try to act it out, but they start to lose it. DVK says it’s Cracker Barrel level hilarious to him, or like the Coffee Cup Crew. Rory quotes Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” Before the 2nd letter Rory goes into his zoo crew voice again, or as DVK says “a calmer Alex Jones.” The letter refers to DVK as Danny Vanny Kanny, and Rory loves it. Rory comes up with #f2theYes when he gets excited about DVK’s upcoming show in Vegas. Rory fails to make the FFC (Fruit Food Challenge) a hashtag while they are talking about hypothetical challenges similar to the 2nd letter’s hydration challenge question. Rory mentions his new eating habits again with the dates, apples, and avocados; says he feels great after a few weeks in. They attempt a #saga chant toward the end, but it doesn’t materialize.

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