Episode #16: “Fears & Adult Friending”

Unofficial hashtags for this episode: (#WorkWake) (#HumpdayWednesdayWorkWake) (#FOC) (#Pleasantries)

“hyeahh” is the exhausted sound of DVK’s friend after running a gasser, but is not made a hashtag yet. First mention of what a gasser is. Daniel Faniel, and Roarin’ for Scovel. Rory mentions Noah’s Ark, and almost touches upon a bit in his “…Tries Standup for the First Time” where Noah is having sex with the animals. Extended discussion about environmental issues, and people being anti-science. A couple missed opportunities for hashtags, #WorkWake, #HumpdayWednesdayWorkWake and #FOC for Friendship of Convenience. Daniel wants a social media profile where you are only allowed to exchange pleasantries.

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