Episode #30: “A Random Roomie & A Talk with the Boss”

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Episode #30: “A Random Roomie & A Talk With The Boss”

They open up with a #saga during the theme song, and start up saying that they have a big announcement. The biggest announcement that they have had: They announce that they will be the Junior Grand Marshalls, hosted by LB, and that they are going to have a live Pen Pals (the first). March 3, 2019. They quickly improv a new lyric to the theme song about sneaking into the ball. DVK mentions a Chevelle again, and that Cardi B is maybe the musical guest. “Weekend of Sashes: Live from Tuxas.” DVK says that he’s feeling sick, but that doesn’t stop him from running to the letters. Rory jokes that he’s a Rams fan. The guys say that the letter writer should shoulder a good amount of the blame for the situation that they got themselves in, because they decided to room with a stranger in New Zealand who never left the room to pee. The guys start to talk about the Fyre festival documentaries, and wonder at what point would you turn around? DVK would have turned back after getting to the camp, and headed back to the airport. DVK tells a story about a guy named Butt Nut, with a Chicago dialect, who threw a quarter-stick of dynamite that he had in his mouth. And although DVK is curious about what happened to Butt Nut in his life, he’s glad that he didn’t stick around to find out (and possibly die). Rory is mad at Daniel after the break because he hasn’t gotten rid of his cold yet. Rory mentions that he’s a tea drinker now, and that he like THC tea and that 3mg is good for him but 5mg will get him “too close to the fire.” The 2nd letter calls the guys Randy Vandy Candy, and talks about how he needs to go #f2f with his boss. Rory lets the writer know (Mr. Scoops) that it is “with a number 2” and DVK says he wants to throw out the letter immediately. The guys urge an #f2f and wonder if it is going to relieve a lot of tensions around Mr. Scoops’ office. Rory tries to start a #letJesusDrive and then immediately cancels it when DVK says “no!” That is their first, and to date only, canceled hashtag. Rory references the fact that the letter writer used to live couch-to-couch with almost creating a hashtag #c2c.

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