Episode #29: “Grandma & A Big Chunk of Change”

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Episode #29: “Grandma & A Big Chunk of Change

Rory talks about how he was putting together a documentary about his fully improvised shows that he’s doing in Chicago. DVK goes through some #growTheShow reviews and they go right to the letters. They run to the letters doing the “Birdbox challenge” and DVK trips. Rory starts off doing a “radio voice,” and wonders if people say “et al” out loud. Rory mentions during the first letter that Chicago is “80 miles East of Rochelle, am I right?” which is most likely a reference to my letter when I said Rochelle was x distance West of Chicago and DVK groaned. The first letter invites Rory and DVK to their wedding, and they joke that they are going to wear the Tuxas Tuxes without washing them. Rory talks about how people are all simultaneously experiencing different realities. DVK realizes that he’s going to be only an hour away from this wedding while it is happening. DVK wants to just read the letter if he showed up at the wedding, and Rory jokes that he is going to go just to heckle him while he reads it. Rory talks about a friend, Rick, who he recently lost from cancer and lived in Australia. The 2nd letter wonders what to do with a recent windfall: spend it or save it? Rory says it’s important to save. He says it’s ok to upgrade your lifestyle a little bit, but not to go crazy. DVK agrees to not go nuts. Rory says to buy a house in Nashville as an investment, to rent it out and make some money. DVK wants to buy a Chevelle as his one splurge. They try to guess who the letter writer is, and they guess Cardi B and joke that she sings the theme song as she falls asleep, and also does a #saga. They want to know if the writer knows Michael Keaton, and want to get closer to meeting him.

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