Episode #22: “Going F2F with Mom & High School Expectations”

Hashtags for this episode: #RoryScory #DoTheShow (#PeruHouse) (#FoodForThought) (#ThuneForThought) (#NickThuneForThought) (#DontKnowShitAboutDick) (#DanielVanielCanyonsil)

Starts off with a #saga chant, which turns into saGA. Rory and DVK remind listeners to consider donating to a charity. DVK talks about Letters for Santa in Chicago. Rory talks about disc golf, and mentions soccer golf(?). DVK does a gasser on the way to the letters again. “Is that stationery?” First letter mentions 80/20. Rory says, regarding the first letter, “this is hard as fuck,” but doesn’t mention an #haf hashtag. Another good DVK quote: “You can go swimming, but don’t have to go in the ocean.” Rory brings up the simulation, calling it “this hopeful simulation.” They mention once again doing a live Pen Pals. Rory mispronounces letter: “Great leto, a great Jared Leto.” Rory says he “doesn’t know shit about dick,” and then him and DVK do a bit where DVK berates Rory “off” microphone. Rory tries to roll with a new name for Daniel Vaniel Kaniel, but falters at the end and comes up with Daniel Vaniel Canyon….sill.

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