Episode #21: “Balding & Committal”

Hashtags for this episode: #goals #hmmhmmhmm (or #mmmmmm ?) #DoYouStartAtH #EightyTwenty #8020

Mr. Brooms cut DVK’s hair. Rory refers to Wet Bandits again, first time was in July 11th episode. Extended discussion on when Christmas should start. Christmas in July and the Hallmark channel, “huh,” all coming from reading a #growtheshow review. Rory mentions that he’s 38 about a dozen times. They talk about how people should not have birthday weeks/months. Rory want to go to Burning Man for his birthday. First letter from Jackie F, Rory dubs him “Jackie Fireball.” The 80/20 thing comes up again. Another DVK quote, “You can’t choose what moves your dick.” DVK has never had a Whopper, or a Big Mac. Rory declares that at the first live Pen Pals DVK will eat a Whopper and a Big Mac. Second letter, by Abbie, brings up the stationery/stationary argument again. DVK tries to make a hashtag out of Rory doing a whiny impersonation of him.

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