Episode #23: “Calling Dibs & Rushing Ten Yards”

Hashtags for this episode: #GrewTheShoe #DrowningInHashtags #TakeTheShowOnTheRoad #ElonListensToTheShow #RRM

At the top of the show they reference Christmas starting up too early again. They start off with some #GrowTheShow responses, discussing death row meals like Bojangles, and a bag of burgers (“A B.O.B,” which should probably be a hashtag). Another reference to Home Alone. The hashtag challenge officially closes, with Rory and DVK mentioning me saying I “destroyed” the challenge, and that I may be going #rrgt. Rory says that I should now keep this up to date so that I can be the official historian. Lauren is another fan who completed the hashtag challenge. DVK reads my letter on calling Dibs first. DVK admits to having moved a dibs in the past. #RRM is a “Rory Rant Moment.” “Move the Chains.” The second letter sets up a hypothetical situation where someone is trying to rush for 10 yards in the NFL. DVK thinks that he could do it, with a 3 yard gain within the first 5 tries. Extended discussion on professional athletes and how you can basically see their talent. DVK mentions being “gassed.” Rory thinks he could as well, but would be terrified of serious injury.

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