Episode #44: “Sex Addiction & A Prank War”

Episode #44: “Sex Addiction & A Prank War”

Hashtags for this episode: #doubleDipped

The guys sing “grow the show” along with the theme song. Rory does a great job crooning at the opening. After reading a couple reviews Rory asks DVK if he wants a heavy letter or a light letter. They go heavy, and proceed to the sex addiction letter. After the first letter Dan and Rory open a Cracker Barrel care package from Bronwyn of “Mystery in Manhattan” fame. Rory does some of his foley work. Right before they open the care package DVK mentions how much they love when the Pennies and Pallers come together on social media to help remember where certain things in the show originated; Rory mentions that in one particular instance it was me, and dubs me “Navigator Adam.” DVK tries to get a #saga chant started, but Rory doesn’t go with it. They go right back into the Cracker Barrel bit from (08/29/2018 “Favorites & Comments”), which includes some rock candy. DVK says, “That’s an insulin shot of love.” They also get, in the box, a peg game, and a mini checker rug game (just like they mentioned in the original bit). DVK takes the second letter and discloses that he’s not necessarily a big fan of pranks. Rory talks a little bit about writing for the Eric Andre show and how doing prank bits like on that show, or like what Sasha Baron Cohen does, makes him really uncomfortable. Rory talks about how him and Jay Larson are in a gift-giving war. They mention Tig Notaro’s idea of texting randomly “Well, everyone else is here, so we’re just going to get a table” and then not responding.

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