Episode #17: “Ruining a Wedding & Having a Trash-Mouth”

Unofficial hashtags for this episode: (#NAF) (#FAF) (#WB)

They play the theme song a second time, again. Last time they played the theme song twice was on October 17th. Officially starts the Grow The Show campaign; first part of going F2F so that you can have a RRGT. DVK turns up volume on phone when taking a picture so people know he’s taking a picture. Rory says he’s “nervous as fuck. I’m NAF,” but doesn’t make it a hashtag. Makes a Back to the Future reference, but says “Blues rift in B” instead of the correct “Blues riff in B.” Continues the stationery/stationary argument. Rory says he’s a WB Guy, because he likes to work backwards; also fails to create a FAF hashtag for “Fresh as Fuck.”

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