Episode #25: “Ruining Christmas & Dissecting Humor”

Hashtags for this episode: (#growtheshowinternationale) #oneStoneTwoBirdedIt

DVK does the “wave your hands like you just don’t care” during the theme song. Rory does a Doc Holliday reference, turns it into a weird movie where the doc just starts killing people. The guys first ask to be involved in a parade and fantasize about being grand marshals. First for the show: a letter with a response letter attached, but for real (DVK references Ponters). The letter contains drawings and DVK asks if that makes it stationery. The guys break into song, covering the Wham! Christmas song. Rory introduces the idea that he can make a paper crinkling noise with his mouth. He can do foley work alone, and DVK can’t do it. They joke during the letter discussion that they are 300 yards apart like the Batman dinner scene, and advises us to pause the episode to watch Batman if we haven’t seen it, and then come back. DVK briefly references the fact that he was in a car accident on the way to a show just before recording this episode. DVK comes up with the #oneStoneTwoBirdedIt hashtag. They remain a touch cynical throughout the letter because this is a post-Ponters episode. When they come back they are doing their morning zoo-crew personas, doing coke, etc. Second letter mentions Rory’s “concrete” bit. An in-depth discussion about creating a comedy act, or what makes a comedian an individual persona. Rory talks about jokes being borne out of improvisation, and compares comedy to music, or art. Rory admits that he dominated the entire conversation on the 2nd letter, and they wish everyone a happy holiday and new year.

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