Episode #19: “The Groom’s Perspective & Conspiracy Theories”

Hashtags for this episode: #saga (#sow) #subjectToChange #ccf #lettuceWraps #yachtRock #NoWayJaredLeftDaniel #JaredIsaLoser #m2e

Extended #growtheshow discussion reading listener reviews and answering some questions quickly. First letter is part 2 of the co-best man saga, and Rory admits that they may be getting had. They fail to realize that Ponters and Preston are jumbled of each other containing same letters, but Rory does say briefly “KP and Preston are the same person.” This is the 2nd time Rory and Dan ask to be invited to a wedding, and go one step further by asking to be in the wedding and speak. Rory makes another Back to the Future reference (principal in hallway scene when Marty shows up late to school). DVK mentions that Rory is wearing sunglasses indoors and the same sweater. This is the first saga chant, and also the first time they dive right into it without saying “let’s go to the letters!” Rory says “fascinite” And DVK does a call back to “Marine Corpse.”

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